• Excited! on the 13th of January 2017 we are performing as part of Resolution 2017 in the Robin Howard Dance Theatre in London. Save the date!
  • December 2016, January, March & April 2017: Simone and Elisabeth will be working together in different roles in the Mierscher Kulturhaus Luxembourg!
  • October & November 2016: Simone and Elisabeth are dancing in the Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg and the Théâtre d’Esch with one of their favourite choreographers: Anu Sistonen (FI)!
  • Mai & June 2016: Elisabeth and Simone are working in the Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg with Koen Augustijnen!
  • April 2016: We are performing Impressing the Grand Duke: ‘Once upon a time, there was an artist called Nymphadora.’ Hurra! Shows 27-30 April at TROIS C-L in Luxembourg! (
  • January 2016: Elisabeth and Simone founded the a.s.b.l. Making Dances! We are excited about our future artistic activities in Luxembourg and internationally!
  •  October 2015: Research period for our upcoming production Impressing the Grand Duke in Luxembourg with lots of glitter and pink! Currently searching for just the right collaborators…

Photo Bohumil KOSTOHRYZ