Impressing the Grand Duke

Impressing the Grand Duke

A playful performance at the crossroads of dance, theatre, and literature (…) Original, fresh, authentic, creative, innovative. Long live humour and impertinence!

Florence Becanne, Le Jeudi

A colourful choreographic fairy tale.

Mireille Petitgenet, Luxemburger Wort

Impressing the Grand Duke is the first choreographic collaboration of Simone and Elisabeth. The piece is a reflection on their personal situations as emerging artists in Europe.

Once upon a time, there was an artist called Nymphadora. Nymphadora lived on the third rainbow (of the top left corner) of the World’s last Grand Duchy. There she was dreaming, and dancing, and creating all day long.

Everything was perfect in Nymphadora’s world, until the day she got a visit from the Grand Duke: As one of the Grand Duchy’s most promising emerging artists, Nymphadora is sent on a mission to find the World’s Most Original Piece.


Photo Bohumil KOSTOHRYZ